Monday, May 28, 2007

long time no post.

hey guys,
i am sorry....i posted nothing these few weeks(who care??!!). i am living in hong kong now but will go back to london soon for my MA course. i am so happy to meet a lot of new friendssss here, hot girls, cool boy and lovely BB, hahah...i was really drunk this month...drinking everyday!!! cool!!! but i still working hard then.
let's show you my design of my new figure(lapin again), i did the model and have to go to make a mold to produce it......will post it soon...:)


Jon Chandler said...

Aha, so you are still alive. Actually, I was starting to wonder. See you soon.

mrclement said...

yes, jon... i am still live and want to die because hong kong is too hot now. the girls are also very hot here...ahhaha come to hk then i can introduce you the hottest girl here......eheheh take care and see you in lonodon.