Sunday, March 16, 2014

ji ja bird - 2014 REMAKE 復刻版

ji ja bird - 2014 REMAKE 復刻版
I told my own story in the book, why not make your story with a ji ja bird !

 For celebrating the ji ja café publication, I especially remade the original ji ja birds with a glossy imitate ceramic surface.
 ji ja bird - 2014 REMAKE 復刻版, Limited edition 100. 
If you missed the original edition, don’t let these ones go this time.

And lastly... there is another little surprise, you will have a pack of 4 ji ja café postcards for free if you order a book with a set of ji ja bird 2014 remake  (HERE!).

mr clement new book - ji ja café!

Good news! My latest graphic novel - I’ve just release !!!

ji ja café

I still can't believe this! The publication was not intentional at the beginning as I started ji ja café as a personal visual diary, for a bit of fun. However thanks to all your support and encouragement, the graphic novel has developed a life of its own and found a different form than just an online series. Exciting! 

I guess you guys may have seen some of the pages of the book online already - but there are so many unpublished pages in fact....168 pages, 168 stories of love and hatred, kiss and hug...! 

Order details can be found: HERE : )

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The WRONG Ji Ja is only available NOW!!!!

'What is Wrong in Taipei? Wrong is the next RIGHT!'

My collaborative project with The Wrong Gallery to celebrate Ji Ja bird arriving in Taipei for the first time has ended. The WRONG Ji Ja is only available at and the Wrong Gallery. 50 limited edition (only 25 left). See more details and order info HERE>>>>>

Hello Hello? This is mr clement...

Hello Hello? This is mr clement...
I hope my first newsletter of 2014 finds you well! How did that happen? Where has January gone?? haha! I am back at my studio after several short trips in Asia, I would like to share with you some of my good news and happy moments : )

My online comic  has been published in Hong Kong!
Thanks for all your support and help to make this happen! Last week, the book finally landed at 
The Wrong Gallery in Taipei and I flew there to have my first talk and signing event in Taiwan. It was great to receive very good response from the audience and I made a lot of lovely new friends!
Thank you for those who came to the event and for their patience listening to my funny Mandarin @~@!
Thank you so much, Ginger and Ron! HUG!

**By the way to my friends in Europe and US, the English version of ji ja café will be launched soon with a little surprise (@.<)
More images of my Taiwan trip HERE!


'The One Love show in Hollywood'

Sometimes, I really envy that Petit Lapin can travel around the world so much! This time, it was hanging out in West Hollywood! This is my new sculptural piece called "the light of lapin” which is a collaboration with TOY ART GALLERY in L.A It is not my biggest sculpture but surely we spent the longest time to finish it, almost 2 years. The One Love show opened up last Friday at Woven Accents, featuring artists such as Kenny ScharfGregory Siff and others, as well as some of other nice life-size sculptures! You can also see some more photos HERE!! as well.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


mr clement X the wrong gallery, taipei >> COMING SOON!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

ji Ja Café in Taipei 吱喳咖啡店在台北

Hello guys, 
I am flying to Taipei for my new book (Ji Ja Café) launch party in Wrong Gallery Taipei (4th Feb) and i will have a hour talk about all the story of me, Petit lapin and JI ja bird. Sure you will have change to get some of my works home : ) 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014
15:00 until 18:00
hope to see you there!

mr clement


Wrong Gallery Taipei :

多年來活躍於歐洲的香港藝術家 mr clement 2014最新圖文書作品《吱喳咖啡店》將在2月份台北國際書展正式在台灣上市。書展開始前,向來行事低調神秘的mr clement本人將特別來到《靠邊走藝術空間》與台灣的粉絲們第一次面對面。這次新書發表會包含一小時的mr clement創作分享,到底關於這兩隻小小鳥兒們之間那些曖曖昧昧混混亂亂…卻又說不出口的關係到底從何而來? 歡迎您2/4當天到現場來探個究竟。

*簽書會限量品: clement特別簽名的三本圖文書:
Ji Ja Café吱喳咖啡店、Yeah kou Phobia、When we fall。

2. Ji ja bird X Wrong Gallery Taipei

3. Petit Lapin Pronunciation

(02)2392-3699 / 報名參加
Wrong Gallery Taipei 靠邊走藝術空間
台北市忠孝東路2段68號, Taipei, Taiwan 10050

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ji ja café in Hong Kong!!!

Hi! my new book - Ji ja café just arrived the bookshops in Hong Kong!
at this moment you only can find it in Hong Kong, but we are going to launch it at soon. : )

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Robin Ji Ja! Merry Xmas!


London is getting colder now and Christmas is well within sight. NICE! It's the best season of a year - full of joy, hugs, scarves and hats, wine, sweets and of course parties…! 
A warm welcome to our last Ji Ja friend this year - 

The Robin Ji Ja. 

A plated ji ja with a hand-woven red scarf, limited edition 50, only for your or your loved one this Christmas! Robin will keep you warm and happy this winter. 
More details and images HERE>>


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Astrolapin - pre-order NOW !!

Astrolapin was created by mr clement, a London based Hong Kong artist, as the wishes of his new life in Europe a decade ago.  Astrolapin is a sci-fi role, which not only possesses the adventurous spirit of an astronaut, but also the lovely and gentle character of a rabbit. Initially, it appeared in graphic novels and paintings only, and later mr clement has put forward his ideas by developing Astrolapin sculptures, animations, art toys, etc. mr clement recently has decided to refresh the design of Astrolapin by making it into two vinyl sculpture works, as part of its 10th anniversary remembrance of the birth.

Artwork information
Colour version: Orange and Yellow
Limited edition: 300 each color
Material: Vinyl
Size: 15cm X 12.5cm X 41cm (5.9 “x 8.9″ x 16.1″)

*Each figure included:
- Map of Paris
-  Limited edition number
- Certificate of Authenticity with signature of artist

£85 each / £170 for 2 figures + Free Shipping *Available to ship in November, 2013. 

More detail and images HERE! 

Easy to Pre-order
Please email us your Paypal address, the quantity & color of astrolapin.
Then we will follow up! EASY!