Monday, July 7, 2014

latest interveiw

latest interveiw by Nick Andrews, Leeds! Thanks. Nick...i like the frensh green!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Astrolapin in Black and Grey - PREORDER NOW!!

Are you ready for new astrolapin....

At the end of 2013, I refreshed the design of Astrolapin to celebrate its 10th birthday. Thanks for all your support, they were all gone in a flash. This summer, Astrolapin is making a come back in style. It comes in monotone and carries a flag to continue its road trip around this planet…

Artwork information
Colour version: Black and Grey
Limited edition: 200 each color
Material: Vinyl
Size: 15cm X 12.5cm X 41cm (5.9 “x 8.9″ x 16.1″)
Each figure includes
- A polyester fabrics flag
- Certificate of Authenticity with the artist's autograph 
£95 each + shipping fee
*Available to ship at the end of July, 2014    
astrolapin in Black Order Now
astrolapin in Grey Order Now
More details: Here

Thursday, June 26, 2014

mr clement's latest interview

my latest interview with the New York Base, a free underground art & design magazine, Clutter! you can see my new studio and  the story of how i became 'mr clement'.

Free online version HERE!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

astrolapin in grey!

"Astrolapin comes in monotone and carries a flag as it continues its road trip around the world…"
astrolapin in edition 200. Pre-order this week!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

new astrolapin!

in black
in grey...
limited edition 200
....see you next week!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hello? this is mr clement from Chicago.....

Hello? this is mr clement from Chicago.....

What an interesting voyage from Asia to Europe then to US East Coast! We successfully launched the LAPIN WORLD TOUR: CHICAGO. Special thanks to the great team at Rotofugi Gallery - Mr. Kirby and Whitney (the lady boss), Davie (the big guy), Sean Doe (the DJ) and Tony Matters (the camera guy)! LUP and Bowie in Hong Kong...HUGS!!! I enjoyed such wonderful time with you guy (and of course, I also enjoyed the real Chicago pizza. Haha!) *If you are not in town or can't visit the show, don't worry, here are some photos for your enjoyment:

Another good news - now you can get hold of my artwork and the limited edition 'Chicago ji ja' figures on Rotofugi Gallery's website. See this link and note these guys offer overseas shipping too!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Two weeks countdown to my favorite time of a year: this year's solo exhibition!! This time, we will travel to the hometown of President Obama and the Bulls - CHICAGO, Rotofugi Gallery 
I would love to invite you and your lover(s) to come to my opening night on Friday 16th May, 2014, 7 -10pm (Artist Signing , 7 -8pm). Together we can unveil my new paintings, sculptures, astrolapin, ji ja bird and other little "surprises".. 

Please join our Facebook event page HERE!
Visit us: at 2780 N Lincoln Avenue right on the border between Chicago's Lincoln Park and Lakeview neighborhoods. The closest train stop is the Brown Line Diversey station.  Email:   Map HERE! 
 and the response to Astrolapin in Chicago figures were all gone in a flash.Thanks for all your support as always! and now CHICAGO JI JA will be available in a limited edition of 50 pieces at my exhibition opening for our VIP guests. Will you be one of them?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

ji ja bird - 2014 REMAKE 復刻版

ji ja bird - 2014 REMAKE 復刻版
I told my own story in the book, why not make your story with a ji ja bird !

 For celebrating the ji ja café publication, I especially remade the original ji ja birds with a glossy imitate ceramic surface.
 ji ja bird - 2014 REMAKE 復刻版, Limited edition 100. 
If you missed the original edition, don’t let these ones go this time.

And lastly... there is another little surprise, you will have a pack of 4 ji ja café postcards for free if you order a book with a set of ji ja bird 2014 remake  (HERE!).

mr clement new book - ji ja café!

Good news! My latest graphic novel - I’ve just release !!!

ji ja café

I still can't believe this! The publication was not intentional at the beginning as I started ji ja café as a personal visual diary, for a bit of fun. However thanks to all your support and encouragement, the graphic novel has developed a life of its own and found a different form than just an online series. Exciting! 

I guess you guys may have seen some of the pages of the book online already - but there are so many unpublished pages in fact....168 pages, 168 stories of love and hatred, kiss and hug...! 

Order details can be found: HERE : )