Monday, April 18, 2016

LAST 10 sets (最後10套 ) of ASTROLAPIN:FULL CIRCLE (final vinyl release )

LAST 10 sets of ASTROLAPIN:FULL CIRCLE (final vinyl release )
"Three years ago, I moved to Hong Kong from London and started producing my sculptures in vinyl. It was awesome how the vinyl figures' popularity brought meto a number of countries, where I could share my art with many new friends.This journey has been priceless and it would not have been possible without your love. To pay tribute to our journey and friendship - and as a farewell to the vinyl series, I think it's appropriate to have Astrolapin: Full Circle crafted in a steel-looking statue. I hope it will shine in your homes and our hearts forever.

version: Imitation Steel (Metallic Silver)
Size: 15 X 12.5 X 41cm / 5.9“ x 8.9″ x 16.1″
Material: Vinyl, Stainless Steel, Metal, Wood and Fabric
Limited edition: 100 pieces Price: £145GBP each + Shipping cost
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More detail: 
This is just a little break for me and the vinyl Astrolapin. I am not going to stop to creating art and Astrolapin will come back one day... : )
mr clement

你們好! 首先我要感謝大家對我作品的持續支持。三年前,我從倫敦搬到香港,開始製作我的搪膠(乙烯基)雕塑。因為這些作品得到很高的評價及歡迎,使我和我的作品有機會去到很多國家,在那些地方我認識了很多新的朋友及得到很多的啟發,這些都是無價的。非常感謝。------為紀念我們的旅程和友誼,我設計了這個告別搪膠系列:ASTROLAPIN:FULL CIRCLE仿鋼雕像作品。我希望它會在你的家和心中永遠發光。 全球限量100件(60多件己預定了),不要錯過最後機會!
顏色:仿鋼材(金屬銀)尺寸:15×12.5×41cm / 5.9“×8.9”×16.1“
價格:£145英磅+運費------預購請發送電子郵件至info@mrclement及提供以下資料 (歡迎中英日韓語...haha):
1. 您的PayPal和送貨地址 
2. 數量 (每人只限2套)
3. 任何你想告訴我的
感謝:高雄 Zoe Jaffa包裝顧問 (一切安全!!!)台灣桃園張小姐的中文翻譯
mr clement

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