Sunday, May 17, 2015

astrolapin: noir / light....NOW!

I would like announce the launch of  my new sculpture.
Having inspired by
Roman Black Glass and Film noir
. this version of astrolapin(s) is more exquisite and refined in its design and production

astrolapin: noir / light
This set of astrolapin did not come out at the beginning of this year as planned, as much time was spent in design and production, especially colouring.  The process of experiment was longer than expected with more than half a year was spent to experiment the distinctive paint and coloring technique.  With the unfailing efforts, a highly glossy and fine finishing was done, which marks the BIRTH of the best piece of astrolapin odyssey.
OK. There you go.....
Artwork information
Colour version: Black (noir) and White (light)
Limited edition: 100 each color
Pre-order Price
£99GBP each
*save your shipping cost for two figures

Easy to order
Please email us your paypal and shipping address with the Qty and color of the astrolapin,
then we will follow up ASAP. 
Action now!! the 100 sets will gone in flash : )
More detail HERE

mr clement 

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