Friday, September 28, 2007

see you later.....

My dear brother sir Jon,
I came back to London just a month ago but you are going to Japan for your manga dream. hahaha....this is life:). I am so happy to know that you are doing something different for yourself, it may be GOOD or BAD, god knows!? who care!? At least you are changing your life by your hand, it is very very cool. it must be exciting. sorry...i don't want to buy you a farewell drink because it was too sad. i will see you very soon in Japan.
I just found out a comic i did for you long time, but you didn't publish it. now i did it on my blog, hope you don't mind.....OK....good luck good bye!!!!
mr clement

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Jon Chandler said...

No comments?
I just left a comment but everything on this Japanese computer looks like a question mark. What's going on?
It was ill timing for you to arrive in the UK again just as I was leaving but I'll see you again soon in Japan city..I am sure of it.