Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Petit Lapin X Marie Paysant-leroux" UP-DATE!!!!

dear lapin's friend,
i would like to tell you that i am getting orders for "Petit Lapin X Marie Paysant-leroux" from yesterday. i got more than 30 orders this morning (so fast!!), so i think they will gone soon. BUT the bad news is my paypal'a account is sick now, i am trying to fix it. please wait, i will reply your order ASAP!!!!
sorry+yeah yeah!!
mr clement


Turok Reader said...

wow good work - thirty orders so quick - that`s pretty hot!!
Looks very nice, there`s a new little comic in there too?

Plus Happily Birthday which I didn`t say yet. Missed you on my trip. Next time.....

stephanie said...

That's awesome!!
Please let me know if you got my order?! :) And please add me to the order list! Thanks a ton!
I love the mustache design! :) They look handsome!