Friday, August 1, 2008

bye bye-Petit Lapin X Marie Paysant-leroux

hey hey all lapin's friend(s),
thanks for you support and love. the"Petit Lapin X Marie Paysant-leroux " was sold out in two days in my shop. THANKS!!! and i will ship you guys the lapin this afternoon.!!yeah!!
do you miss the lapin?mm.... no worry, you still have a last chance, the few more lapin will arrive playlounge, colette, artoyz and some selected shops in US shortly(may be two weeks later). check it out!!! thanks!! i have to take a rest now. see you then.


Turok Reader said...

Sold Out?


have a rest mate.

mr clement said...

thanks bro!!

nick + said...

Cheers! I received mine and I am thoroughly happy with them. A well done collaboration.

mr clement said...
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Jimmy Foo said...

Thanks Mr Clement....just got back home after a week away and Petit Lapin X Marie Paysant-leroux was waiting for me. Love how this collaboration has worked out....and looking forward to more :D

Glowing Doll said...

I just bought one of these about 30 mins ago in a shop on Beak Street.

I feel privileged to own it!