Friday, November 28, 2008

coming week..........

hey hey, i am going to do a part of the "Work in Progress Show 2008" in Royal college of Art from 5 to 14 December. you will see my working place and the parts of my new astorlapin's book, sketches, animations and more more drawings, hopefully, i may show the design of my coming figures as well.
of course, in the show you will see more more MA student's work, graphic design, moving image or table dance@_@. i will post the link for more information here later.
and i would like to say sorry to everyone who is waiting the astrolapin figure, poor!!! i know it took looooooong time already but i think you have to wait a month, i am trying to make it 100% perfect before it hit the shops. nice work takes time. sorry, i hope you can understand.
cheerssssss!! show you two drawings of my 300 pages new book.

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Anonymous said...

hey mr clement is a certain somebunny coming soon? :-)