Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hope to see you there......:)

Dear friends of Lapin,
I would like to invite you to come to my graduation art show in London. My new sculpture "Petit Lapin with a broken heart" and some other art pieces (surprise!) will be shown. 50 limited edition mini-sculptures, prints and books will be available for sale ONLY at the show (I am working hard on it now @_@!)

The show will open from 25 June to 5 July dates! except for Friday 3 July. Opening hours 11am – 8pm (Exhibition will close at 5pm on 30 June, 1 July and 5 July)

Of course, you can also see the work by students from courses such as Animation, Architecture, Communication Art & Design, Design Products, Design Interactions, Industrial Design Engineering, Textiles and Vehicle Design.....
And yes, I will not be a student any more after this summer : ( please give me a job!
More details below:

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