Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FINALSHOW2 Successfully Completed

Thanks for everyone visited my new works in RCA Finalshow2.
That's great to meet all my good friends (lapin's friend) who came from different counties. I hope you all enjoy and love the show. I am sorry, I heard we have 100,000 visitors this year, as many as Blur' show in Hyde Park. so i was not able to chat with everyone. anyway, kiss and see you later:)

petit lapin with a broken heart & Isabella Kim

by the way, i am not good to take photograph but you can see some cool pictures of my work in here, it is a flickr by the top one lapin's friend doc.18. He is crazy!!! thanks man!! and and i have so so many request of the figure of "petit lapin with a broken heart", so i am thinking to create few more pieces. i will up-date it in here.

see you.


doc18 said...

congratulations on the successful show!!! ;) you need storage? kekeke

penguin said...

it was great to meet you! congrats on the great final piece!