Monday, August 17, 2009

Petit Astrolapin Black team- A is available NOW

After a 10 day trip in osaka, i finally came back london. it was a very hot and nice trip, i didn't have a lot of fun and food, but i was kept walking and walking without map everyday in Kyoto, this is very good way to know the city, lost and found, lost and found. like our life. peolpe doesnt know me and i dont know them,so strange but cool, just like the 1st year when i arrived England. this was new and exciting. i like walking so much now, it helps me to clean up my mind and get so many idea. i think i need to walk more in London before the winter. this winter will be very lonely and cold as normal, but it may be my last winter in London. where i am going....?! god knows the future and i know :)

o....don't be too sad. I have good news for all Lapin's fans.
Petit Astrolapin Black team- A is available Pre-order now!!!!!!
this is a new series of Petit Astrolapin (no.1, 2 & 3) and 100 figures limited edition of number. I know many people missed the chance to have my last figure, So please drop me a email ASAP before it all gone.

the Pre-order price is

£22 each+ free shipping to US and Europe
£55 for whole team (3 figures)+ free shipping to US and Europe
the figure will be shipped in the mid of September 2009.

More detail here!


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Electrowolf said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I cant breath!!!! Please dont sell out before payday!!!