Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Radio Valerie - lost in frequency

my latest new book 'Radio Valerie - lost in frequency' that just finished few days ago and now available in 100% Design Tokyo 2009.

This a collaboration of Product Designer Valentin Vodev and me. A story inspired from Valentin's radio and the use of different FM radio frequencies of Japan and the rest of the world.
If you take a conventional FM radio from Europe and bring it to Japan, then you will not receive a radio program from these regions but instead one from a Japanese TV program. (this is funny, isn't it? haha!) The same will happen if you take a FM Radio made for the Japanese market and tune it into the USA: you will receive the audio of a US TV program. The idea of mass produced articles is to be able to consume something that serves the people and makes them happy - a product, which is desirable but not produced as a stand-alone product that is lonely and sad. Telling the story behind the product is what makes the product - not a thing in itself but somethings communicating and contributing to its environment.

100% Design Tokyo 2009
Date: 30/10 to 3/11 2009
Address: 2-3, Kasumigaoka-cho, Shinjuku-Ku,Tokyo,160-0013 Japan
Website: http://www.100percentdesign.jp/

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