Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lapin in Korea!!!

Over over...some up-dates here....
1.If you did the Pre-order of Petit Astrolapin Black team-A, you should received your your online tracking no.. I sent out all of the pre-orders 2 days ago, so they should be arrive your home in 3 days later. if you didn't receive the no. please email me by
2. This is so nice to tell you Petit astrolapin finally arrived Korea, please check this site and the their Blog, They are selling so many nice design products from over the world. if you are living in Seoul, why don't you visit my Petit Lapin's figure and book in the shop of W-hotel?, they are carrying my work too :) I heard the cheesecake is very nice in their cafe. HAHA!!
3. You may still looking for a X'mas gift for your honey. why not to visit my online shop? i have few more new products up-dated, prints, T-shirts, Mug, hug and kiss....
4. a song for you.....Merry X'mas and happy new year!!

See you soon+take care!

mr clement


jen said...

nice song! love these two musicians!

091 said...

Hi there,Mr.clement do you know about this R star caffee : 不知這樣是否已構成侵權行為?

mr clement said...

Hi 091,
my friend sent it to me long time ago. i have no comment of what they did, shame that don't people have an idea to make their own work. i have, we have. you should send this too all over the world. let people know how bad they are. i am artist, not a cat (copy cat). thanks for your post:)