Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010!!!!!!...... ; D

nice...morning of 2010, i felt claim and hope:)
Tonight is the last night of my holiday, and i just came back to my working desk, i feel so strange, long time no see it. i think i should say something to myself and u here 1st post of 2010....what i should say? mmm.... i don't know....

2009 was a very bad year for me, all the shits came to me in this year, i hated it so much but i had many good lessons and getting know more myself, what i need, like and i clement's bullshit....who cares!? hahah..

Anyway, i would like to say thanks for all of you, supporting me when i down and cheers me up via your email. and thanks for all your love for my lapin and my artwork. i will keep going, i love it so so much :) 2010 will be a great year (how great? i don;t know....but trust me), i will have some projects in Japan Korea, France and China...keep your eyes here please. the 1st project 1st solo exhibition in paris of Artoyz gallery , i will confirm the date soon, but it will be around end of April 2010.

ok...have a sexy cool new year...all the best!! : D

our New year eve party, it made me feel i am still young as Uni student, nice to see you there:) kiss!!

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