Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I remember the film Sakuran was showing when i went to Japan few years ago, i didn't see it because it had no surtitle in Japan and i end up also missed the chance in ICA. Lucky me, this DVD of Sakuran is one of my X'mas gifts, watched it last night on my projector : ) love it so much!!! directed by Mika Ninagawa(蜷川実花)and the music by Ringo Shiina (椎名林檎). she is not and cool!!
The Anti-Memoirs of a Geisha, Sakuran is a luscious visual treat and directorial debut from Japanese photographer Mika Ninagawa. The tale of bad-girl courtesan Kiyoha, with a wonderfully oddball score of jazz, electro and Japanese pop and lavish costumes to boot, this film excels as a warm-hearted and original tale of one woman snarling, biting and kicking her way to the top.

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