Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anyone can help and please comment...

Hey guys...
do you have any idea to send (email) newsletter in the easy way?
i am trying to make a monthly newsletter to all lapin's friends (around 3-5000 address on list)for up-dating my figures, exhibition and anything fun. but I am not good to set up those stuff, now i am just sending newsletter by BCC (100 address each time) via my email account(info@mrclement.com), but i am not sure can you actually revive my letter and i have no way to check it. it is also spending me a lot of time.
i tried to find some "newsletter" software on line, but....sorry...i tried my best and i still don't understand how to set up:( i am so shit on computer. if you or your friend knows how to make it in a easy and right way...please tell me and advice. this is a BIG hand!!!!
mr clement
P.S. bad day.....i burn my pizza....what i can eat for dinner:(!!!! fuck!

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Glowing Doll said...

Please add me to your mailing list Lapin is my favourite toy ever!!!


Also do you know where I can purchase them in Canada? I used to live in London where it was easier to buy your work.