Tuesday, April 27, 2010

o....opening night at Artoyz gallery, Paris: )

thanks for everyone who came to our show and i hope you all enjoy it. I am sorry, i was so drunk that night, so i was not able to chat to everyone (@0@) and i didn't ask any of you for the permission for posting your face, so i put a dot on your face. ahaha...this is funny. i was so much enjoy it too:) this is my 1st solo in Paris, but i am 100% sure this is not the last time, i will come again SOON!! i wish i can speak french last time. the show will run until 22nd of May, 2010. please come with my friend(s). yeah!!

this tall french cool man kept speaking Cantonese to me!!! he is so cool...sorry i forget your name, please add me on Facebook.

he is the 1st person to come to the opening, so i did a drawing to him..see!! he has a lovely smile:)

i will post the images of artwork here when the show finished. now...you may better to go there to see it:) kisss..byebye!!

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