Friday, June 18, 2010

Petit Astrolapin in California> San Diego Comic-Con 2010

Sorry for let you waiting long time, i finally have a clear image of the the last edition of the 5" PVC Petit astrolapin figure, Petit Astrolapin in California and it will be available on the booth of DKE in San Diego Comic Con 2010 ONLY. I don't take order on my online shop. kiss!! see you soon : )


uj said...

I can't go there because it's so far from here... Y.Y

But I do want to meet your last lovely lapin.... Y.Y So sad

What shall I do?

Luckita said...

Same here. So sad.
You should let people that are real supporters of your work order from you. Let's say... if you have more than 5 lapins, you can order. :D

It looks like i'm gonna have to sell a kidney in order to get one on eBay... :(

Uli said...

Hi... i need to know what the price will be in order to get someone to mule for me. Thanks.

Renegae Pop Culturist said...

Do you know what day of the con these will be for sale?

thotfulspot said...

I ended up having 2 people get me Lapins at SDCC. If someone wants the extra they can have it for cost plus shipping. No flippers please. I will track you down.