Monday, October 18, 2010

Petit museum edition-2

I would like to say thanks for all my friends who ordered the Petit museum edition 1. They arrived at your home safely? Cool!! I hope you have a happy time with your lapin. After edition 1. I got so many requests for a black version, I am sorry I didn't reply to any of you because I didn't have a good idea of how to present the "black" version, I didn't want to just spray it black and call it a different name, but now I have a nice idea of how to expand and continue the story. thanks!
Now!! I am happy to introduce edition 2 'When i look at the sky, smoke gets in my eyes' It is the 2nd edition of series 'Petit Lapin Museum'. a full matt black crying Petit lapin sculpture, made in resin. why is it crying? Are they happy tears or sad tears? We never know. As last time , this is a 100% handmade work and because I developed a new method for the casting, the surface will be more fine than edition one. 50 pieces only (low quantity but high quality)!

Please email me ( as soon as possible to check availability. Details here:


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