Tuesday, December 7, 2010

'hide & seek' and petit dozy tony!

Hi Hi,
I would like to say thanks to those of you who came and supported my exhibition opening last week. It was fantastic and fun - sorry I might not have talked to everyone that night, was a bit drunk HAHA! The show will run until 22/1/2011 and I am making a few new artwork for the show so please visit the gallery again and let's chat more!
Some good news for those not living in London... I have received emails from US, France and Japan etc requesting for Petit Dozy Tony. I am really grateful for your support and understand it is difficult to travel all the way from the other side of the sea. So, I have decided to put a few Petit Dozy Tony's on my online shop so you have a chance to get hold of one. Please note however I may not be able to say 'Yes' to every request as they are selling well in the gallery and is only limited to 50 pieces. Action now!!
Finally, here are links to some images of the show... will post more later!!
See you soon!

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