Sunday, December 12, 2010

nice sunday....

just talked to my flatmate and found out the X'mas is coming..what will you do this Xmas? i don't know, unlucky me i planned to go to Normandy this Xmas and new year but it was canceled now. why? please ask the french ferry company, they seems doesn't want to work or make money from December. i think this is also good, i can have more time to learn french before i go, you know, they don't like to speak english!! HAHA!! so, what is my plan in holiday?mmm... thinking thinking.
i did just a bit works today with my lazy mood because the weather is rarely good, cold with sunshine. i up-loaded the images of my exhibition and they are ready on my flickr now!! enjoy it. AND.....the video of the opening party for someone who couldn't join, there are you go!!

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