Sunday, May 15, 2011

lapin world tour - sofia

This is the story of the long, long journey of petit lapin and me. We forget when the trip started but we have travelled to many cities, Paris, London, Stockholm, Kyoto, Prague.... we saw the biggest ice mountain in the world, we tasted the most lovely red wine and baguette, we slept with beautiful and talented people, we got lost in the middle of those cities, we bid farewell to all of the our closest friends.... this is a lonely and lovely trip and this is the lapin world tour.

Let us keep moving on and the next stop will be Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Thanks to the invitation of
Sofia Design Week 2011 and the Museum Gallery of Modern Art, petit lapin and I finally have chance to visit that dynamic eastern European city. I am looking forward to meeting you guys in Sofia. In this exhibition, I will show selected sculptures of Petit Lapin and a brand new series of paintings. Of course, we have nice wine for the opening night. I would like to see you and your lovely friend(s) there!

lapin world tour - Sofia
mr clement exhibition for Sofia Design Week 2011 10th- 18th June, 2011.
opening night at 9th June, 6 pm
the museum gallery of modern art -
10 Oborishte Str, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

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