Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hey all my new friends in Sofia........?

Hey Hey all my new friends in Sofia,
How are you guys? I think you guys must be very busy meeting new friends, sharing idea, showing off your talent and for sure having a lot of drinks in the parties, right? This is so cool, I am so envious of you guys. Unlucky me (> .<)!!! I have to leave my Lapin in Sofia and come back to London first, as I have to move on with my next project. I wish I could stay longer, at least a year!? haha...then I can visit all the shows and talk to everyone! I am sure I will come back for the Sofia Design Week next year!(@.@)

Thanks for the super team of Sofia Design Week...Valentin Vodev, Boyan pehlivanov, Boyana Zafirva, Martina Markova.....your guys gave me this wonderful trip, so that I could meet so many talented and pretty people (girls > .<). I would like to give a big hug to Valentin, thanks for your invitation, support and the Bulgarian dinner, I enjoyed it so much. Martina, thank you so much for giving me a lift to the airport but so sorry for not saying thank you and goodbye to you cos I was so drunk, I nearly collapsed at the Customs. The Customs Officer nearly kicked me out of the airport! haha.

Finally, I would like to thank for the support, lovely smile and jokes from the sexy team members of
the Museum Gallery of Modern Art: Denitsa Atanasova, Silviya Ionkova, Dilyana Koleva, Ani Venkova, Tsvetelina Anastasova, Mihaela Radeva, Albena Cheshmedzhieva..... It is wonderful to meet and work with all of you. Thanks also for arranging the Kids meeting as well. Now I think I can be a good friend of kids. They are cool though I thought they disliked me....haha!
See the links (1) (2) for some nice shoots of my opening and presentation of Pecha Kucha Sofia from
Mihail Hristov Novakov and Margarit Ralev. hope you enjoy it.
ok guys....have a good week and wish to see you soon, may be Sofia, London, Hong Kong, Japan or Mars : )

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