Monday, July 25, 2011

good news and bad news...

o...i have a good news and bad news for you....OK! good 1st : )
luckily i found i still have the last 10 petit astrolapin figures, yellow and orange when i was cleaning up my workshop, i don't know why i kept them, anyway..hahah.
so sorry for the people who contacted me to buy those figure before, i thought i sold out so i said that. : ) so, this is your last chance. they are avaiable in playlounge only, please contact them!! NOW!!!

bad news is....the petit lapin museum edition 3 was sold out > .< lucky, unlucky you.
and they will arrive your home soon if you did the order, i am making the red scarfs and it will finish in two days : ) yeah!

1 comment:

idoadmin said...

please dig around some more to see if you can find yellow and orange scarf petit lapin and broken heart hahaha.....