Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ji Ja bird.......Pre-order NOW!!!

i got some many emails at the least 6 hours for requesting the Pre-order,THANKS for your support!! so i decided to get your guy's pre-order now, don't you guys wait too much. sorry : ) but if you have no idea about Ji Ja bird still.....ok! Ji Ja bird is a new character from my latest comic – Ji Ja cafĂ© – currently available online on my website / facebook / flickr ....check them out! : )

they are a pair of little birds who are only able to say “Ji” or “Ja”. They are exploring the world between frames (comic frames), carrying a mysterious message in a tiny envelope to someone who is waiting for it. There are some stories to tell in every journey... You may not be able to travel as far or speak as much as them but you might have someone who is always waiting for a special message to be delivered. Ji Ja birds can do the job for you! A tiny paper envelope is prepared for each Ji ja bird figure. Just write what you want to say in the slip and put it into the envelope and then your Ji Ja bird can deliver the message for you. The envelope can be held firmly in its beak. Ji Ja bird will take any message for you. Like you may say “I love you” as well as “I hate you”...whatever! haha!.

GBP£21 each figure + Free shipping

The figures will be ready to ship on the 24th November, 2011

Pre-Order and more detail of the figure

(Click here)

P.S. check it out ASAP because 120 figures gone!

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