Wednesday, January 4, 2012

hello you, hello 2012.........

hey hey happy new year.... : )
this is the 1st up-date of 2012 from mr clement.How are you guys? are you doing fine with your Ji Ja Bird and Petit Lapin? Thank you very much for sending me your Ji Ja bird's photos. They are very nice new year gifts to me. I'm really happy to see you guys creating your own story with your Ji Ja Birds so touching!! i feel i have to improve my photo shooting skills : ( because your guys are much better than me. HAHA! Here are some nice shoots from my friends in Flickr...please enjoy: (link1) (link2) (link3)

"your blinking eyes in the gloomy sky" sounds romanic : )
I would like to introduce you my new friend - The Blinking Ji Ja - a new member of the Ji Ja family. It is a mid-night winter bird who doesn't speak much but likes to look at people in the dark night. it is cold but friendly. It's limited in edition with 100 pieces. if you want to take one home, please email me and please check the link out!!

and the last 50 Ji Ja birds (yellow and white) are under production, so this will be the last chance to get one home. please check the link for pre-order.

cheers, happy new year!!


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