Monday, September 3, 2012

Lapin World Tour - Los Angeles..... : )

.....Hong Kong, Paris, London, Sofia...Los Angeles

My first US solo exhibition - LAPIN WORLD TOUR LOS ANGELES opened atTAG I Toyart Gallery last weekend. It is so amazing, no matter how far it is we can go GO GO! : ) Thank you for all your support, care and smiles. I wish I could stay in L.A. longer and talk to everyone but I have another important mission which is visiting my mum in S.F. - I haven't seen her for many years (> .<)  Anyway I am 100% sure I will come back to L.A.!!! Hugsss. 
Special thanks to : Gino Joukar and his wonderful team at TAG & Ann Le. : )

mmmm....A little secret: TAG gallery actually saved some of the signed posters, figures and books from the launch, which have just been made available for sale. The gallery didn't want everything to disappear too quickly (really? haha) So if you fancy a little something check it out! The exhibition will finish in the afternoon of Wednesday 12/9/2012, please visit and say hello to petit lapin.
Video Edited by Tony Matters

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