Tuesday, February 26, 2013

petit lapin museum 2013 - petit lapin odyssey! OUT NOW!!!

Hello my friends,

Thanks for all your support on my first vinyl sculpture Petit lapin museum 2012 - Please forget me. I was being quiet on the vinyl work for a while because I was looking for a better way to colour the sculpture. Although the factory is doing a reasonably good job on colouring, it is still not good enough because I am doing a unique piece of art. So, I decided to paint (spray) every single piece by myself, it takes time but is worthwhile, I think! 

OK, here you go...

limited edition: 30 of each colour version
colour version: yellow, red, orange and green
-certificate of authenticity with signature of mr clement
-edition no. 1- 30
-100% hand-painted

Please email me (info@mrclement.com) with the color and quantity of your order and Paypal address, then we will follow up for you ASAP (@ .<)

More images and details here: 

Take care! HUGS!

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