Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pre-Order of The Loll-ipop ji ja and Art-print!

This is mr clement. I would like to introduce you to 3 new members of the ji ja family

This is a set of 100% hand-painted ji ja with a metallic effect finish that was developed by myself (@0@).
They are the hottest and most dynamic ji ja ever, hope they can extend your summer fun!
I will only create 50 sets of Loll-ipop ji ja, not because I want to make them too rare (although they are rare!) but because I have to hand paint them one by one and make sure they are perfect before they are flown to you.
Yes, they are 100% painted by me haha!
Please just email me with the quantity of your order and Paypal address,
then we will follow up for you ASAP (@ .<)
More details and pre-order HERE!

ART-PRINT of petit lapin

Thanks to suggestions from the friends of Petit Lapin, I finally set up a shop for the Petit Lapin prints as promised ages ago. Sorry for the delay! At the moment we are only able to do A1, hopefully more sizes and prints  will be available soon.
Please see the details of the prints HERE

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