Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hello Hello? This is mr clement...

Hello Hello? This is mr clement...
I hope my first newsletter of 2014 finds you well! How did that happen? Where has January gone?? haha! I am back at my studio after several short trips in Asia, I would like to share with you some of my good news and happy moments : )

My online comic  has been published in Hong Kong!
Thanks for all your support and help to make this happen! Last week, the book finally landed at 
The Wrong Gallery in Taipei and I flew there to have my first talk and signing event in Taiwan. It was great to receive very good response from the audience and I made a lot of lovely new friends!
Thank you for those who came to the event and for their patience listening to my funny Mandarin @~@!
Thank you so much, Ginger and Ron! HUG!

**By the way to my friends in Europe and US, the English version of ji ja cafĂ© will be launched soon with a little surprise (@.<)
More images of my Taiwan trip HERE!


'The One Love show in Hollywood'

Sometimes, I really envy that Petit Lapin can travel around the world so much! This time, it was hanging out in West Hollywood! This is my new sculptural piece called "the light of lapin” which is a collaboration with TOY ART GALLERY in L.A It is not my biggest sculpture but surely we spent the longest time to finish it, almost 2 years. The One Love show opened up last Friday at Woven Accents, featuring artists such as Kenny ScharfGregory Siff and others, as well as some of other nice life-size sculptures! You can also see some more photos HERE!! as well.


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