Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ashely ji ja.....NOW!

Happy new year, Happy new ji ja....

Hello my friends - this is our first newsletter in 2015, I hope you are all very well!
A few cool plans to share with you. First off, lapin and I just confirmed participation at several art fairs in Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany....We will be hitting the road to Europe early in the year!
Secondly, summer 2015 will see me reuniting with friends in Asia as I am planning my 11th solo exhibition, LAPIN WORLD TOUR in Seoul, Korea. Can't wait to tell you more, watch this space for more updates.

OK, now, I would like to introduce you to the new member of Ji Ja bird family......
  -3 jointed figure, arm and neck
- a wood effect body
- five coloured versions
- green, pink, purple, yellow and blue
- limited edition number for set 1 to 20.

* Available NOW and More details
Email us your order with the quantity and shipping address,
we will follow up ASAP


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