Wednesday, April 23, 2008

mrclement X auska and erika

i think i am the most lucky guy in the world because i always want to do something out of my ability then it can be done, because i have so many lapins around me and supporting me. this time i have two lapins -auska and erika. they came from japan and doing music in Royal academy of music (where is it? i don't know....should be fun). they did a very nice violin performance with my video projection last night in the Hockney gallery in RCA. this is my frist time to handle music in my work, i was very worry but we did our job finally!!!yeah!! of course this was not prefect, but as i said to erika.....we can make art and make mistake. i am looking forward to do a better one soon...when? i don't know. they are going back to their beautiful city, OSAKA for good (>_<). good luck for their music life!! one day, when we become more mature in our art then we join again...that will be more nice.

and thank you lo4 (my music tutor), naoko chan, jenny, richard, maire, david, DK, tony (my art totur) and haruka. i love you all...thanks!!
"Waiting room" -my new pencil drawing book, B&W, around 100 pages(sorry i forgot how many pages..ahaha)

asuka looks very funny when she wears glass...haha..

check it out, the exhibition will finish at 27/4. you will find out more interesting art from other artist in RCA..bye.


Anonymous said...

welldone, clement!!! it's beautiful.... i'm very proud of you!!!

jenny said...

jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way!


jenny said...

music is great, you can start experimenting with it in your next artworks....

life is long! take it easy, don't be too 'hyper' save your energy for later!!

mr clement said...

jenny, don't leave rubbish comment here!!!

mr clement said...
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