Monday, April 5, 2010

Back to London!

O.....the sky is still so bright!! why!? my flatmate said we are in summer time now., i didn't know it.
i just came back to london this morning, feeling so tired. i spent a month in Hong Kong and thought it should be very fun, finally i didn't have much fun there, even didn't eat many nice food -few cheap nice dishes- . but i did 2 things that i didn't do in my life before.
1. my 1st performance on stage in my life. i have so many friends who are musician, but i really don't know music, i like to sing (in my room or toilet ONLY).they even told me i have no talent to do any music, shit!! but i am lucky, i have a good friend who can play music with me although i am not good, she is dejay from the pancakes., i heard she is very famous in Hong Kong...i am not sure and i don't know. we don't talk much about music or art, but we talked about Boys and Girls and hotpot sometimes. one day, i found a song from Pulp on youtube that i really like it, then i asked her to sing in her show one day.....then....then..lalalal....we did a song in a small band show in Hong kong, i have no idea what kind of show it was, even i forgot the name of the show.i just went there and singing but it was fun and scare...yes, singing in front of many people....scarcely!! HAHA!! i don't know how was my singing because no one give me any comment so far, they might went to toilet when i sing. only dejay said "not bad". i am planing to hold her show in london this summer, if you like her songs and know somewhere in london -cafe or bar- where we can do it, please tell me. thanks!!

2. listen my mother.
i met my mother 30 years already and she is my closest person, but i didn't know anything about her, her childhood, her first boy friend, her mother..lalal, i knew nothing. since i found out she is nearly 60, i decided i have to know this person more. god knows when will she leave me, i wish i can tell her story to my baby. this is shame if my son ask me about my mother one day but i don't know it. but this is not easy to sat down and talk to elder lady, she speaks everything slow and keep repeat the same topic, i tried my best to listen and be patience but it is worth. i didn't know my mother was a very popular girl when she was working in factory at 12 years old, and i even can't believe she was a bad daughter, didn't listen her mother and ran away from home many times. HAHAH...this is cool!! from her story, i can know more myself and the old time of Hong Kong. i am thinking to write or draw a book base on her story or about her. i can be a very interest book. my mother called Mary, so the book name can be "petit mary lapin"!? haha. by the way, i have some hard times in Hong Kong this month, but luckily i have so many lapin around me and support me. thank you so so much. i will miss all of you and see you soon...bowie lapin, Big po lapin, pokit lapin, angela lapin, a pad lapin, a kan lapin....lalala. OK, i have to keep going for my exhibition in paris. see you soon. kiss!!

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