Tuesday, April 6, 2010

petit astrolapin in paris...1 to 60....for opening night ONLY!!

go to paris....bon bon bon...bonjour bonjour...HAHAHAhahah!!


Ron H said...

I would love a chance at on of the special pieces from the show to go along with our collection of all that you have made. You mentioned in your email you were going to put a few in the shop for those of us who can't come to Paris. Are you going to announce it ahead of time? I'm even willing to pay a premium to complete our collection.


Ron and Laurie in Chicago USA

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhhh I need this guy!!!!!
can anyone mule one for me?
I can hit you back with some cash or something from honolulu.
lmk: surfmob808@gmail.com
thanks!!!!!! :-)