Saturday, January 21, 2012

merci meric.....'WHEN WE FALL" in French 'Points de Chute'

Ten years ago, I carried my Petit Lapin and started my new life in Europe, the 1st stop was Paris. It was the most wonderful time in my life... the streets, the language, the people (girls > .<), the food, the smell, everything was just so nice, I was totally in love with Paris.

My subsequent visits to Paris make me love her more and more, so it is only reasonable for me to give her a petit present in the form of a graphic novel. 'Points de Chute' was born thanks for the invitation and support from the Berlin-based publisher WARUM It is a French translation of my previous publication 'When we fall' (youtube link) with a new cover and re-worked design. 'Points de Chute' has now hit the bookshops (shop1 / shop2/ shop2 ....) in France and Germany; you can also find it at the Angouleme international comics festival.

My special MERCI and kiss goes to Wandrille and Agathe Friguet - you guys have made my dream come true!

Bisous bisous!!

If you know french and want to know more the book, please go to these the links...(haha!)

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