Wednesday, May 30, 2012

JUNKIE JI JA are NOW available!!!

hey, I would like to introduce you my new friends, they are the new members of the ji ja family, JUNKIE Ji Ja* 
Like other Ji Ja birds, Junkie Ji Ja are a pair of lovely but mysterious birds, who cannot stop yakking....ji ja ji ja..., but what makes them different is they got a serious addiction to something (!?@_@). 
The pink & green-bodied, green & pink-beaked and yellow-tongued JUNKIE JI JA are NOW available at or email me directly to get them home.

500 limited edition of each color.
price: £22 each (+worldwide free shipping)
weight: 100g
size: 8.2cm X4.5cm X 4cm
package size: 19cm X 10.5cm X 6cm
*Each figure has a limited edition.

The Cambridge dictionary describes a "junkie" as:
01. someone who cannot stop taking illegal drugs.(> . <)
02. someone who wants to have or do something all the time.

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