Monday, June 4, 2012

petit lapin museum 2012 all gone soon.... : )

hey hey?
Thanks for supporting the petit lapin museum 2012, they have gone quicker than I thought. They will be all gone anytime soon. Thank you so much.
... As you guys may know, there is a little surprise inside of the Petit lapin's head- a skull underneath the head. Oh! I shouldn't have said it but let you discover it yourself.  For more details, please see my last post.

limited edition: 500  
figure weight: 260g
figure size: 25cm X 9.5cm X 6cm  package
size: 27cm X 10cm X 7cm
 certificate of authenticity with the signature of the artist (me!) 
and a protest board made by wood and paper

**If you still want to get them home now please check my webshop
or email me directly by

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US wholesale request:
 : )

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